Summer Weddings <3

I had such a great time getting all the shots for this beautiful couple. I do have to admit, however, that the few downsides I had were the bugs, humidity, and being 31 weeks pregnant! I was running around, squatting, leaning, and bending at odd angles to get that one perfect shot and oh man did I pay for it the next morning! It was then that I decided that I cannot do anymore physically demanding photo shoots until after baby.

This wedding was probably one of the most unique events I have ever been to! This was a “flash” wedding in Punta Gorda. That means that everyone arrived at a location bringing nothing but themselves, and there was a ceremony. After the ceremony everyone left for dinner down the road and that was that! I found it to be a very relaxing approach to the entire wedding day. It really just focuses all the attention and effort on actualy getting married instead of all the arrangements and worrying about guests. 

It was very romantic and the happy couple looked great!

Without further ado, feast your eyes on this beautiful summer wedding day right after the rain passed. <3