5 things to do with your new photos

It’s the second week in December and most of you have taken your traditional holiday photo. What now? Besides the intended holiday card the photo was taken for , here are some other ideas on how you can use those pro photos to its full extent!

1. Make an album!

You can either print out each photo and put into a specific new album and label it “Christmas 2017” or….. go online and pick your favorite place to make a book! Make it fun with collages and graphics! I think this helps you get more pictures onto a page and looks slimmer on the bookshelf. If your having trouble with making a book, consider asking your photographer for help 😉 .

2. Make a canvas

This year since having a baby I have decided to make a canvas for every holiday with the the most iconic picture of the season. These will be rotated out during different seasons and added to as the years go by !

3. Make crafty presents

Get creative this year and look up tutorials on how to make a picture ornament. My favorite is the plastic ornaments that come apart in the middle so I can cut my picture out perfectly and also place fake snow or other trinkets inside and then glue it closed. This way, nothing can come out and your left with a memorable Christmas ornament. Make a bunch and give them out as stocking stuffers to your family this holiday.

4. Get cozy with it!

In blanket form, that is. Check out places that can make a blanket with your picture on it and use it as a decoration just for Christmas or year round. Beautiful and useful !

5. Make it an activity

This could be a DIY or buy. Get the picture printed and turned into a puzzle. Make pieces smaller for a challenge and race to see who can find dads head faster! This is great fun especially for younger children as the begin to realize that the puzzle they’re putting together has their face in it!

And that’s all I got for you today folks! Thank you to everyone who supported my business this season, I hope to see you again and to meet someone new.

Merry Christmas !

*images in this post as example only , I do not own copyrights. *