In a while crocodile……

Sooooooo I haven’t posted in a longgg time. Reason being, I am branching out into so many different things that I also enjoy that it’s taking all my free time.

What are those things?

WELL since you asked…..

I have been busy making products for photographers and more on my Etsy shop, like shirts, tanks, and tote bags. I love being able to help other businesses get their logo on cute shirts or helping people find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 🎁

Thing number two I have been doing it playing with my makeup again. This is something I have always been into but took a major break from while I was pregnant and exhausted lol. I’m not restarting my makeup blog, but I am working on instagram, Facebook, and making YouTube videos when I can. I realized that makeup for me is more than spending time to play, it is truly something that makes me feel beautiful and lets me express my creativity with colors, shapes , creatures, glitter, and more. Expressing my individual style and art in this way is a huge confidence booster for me and that is something I have learned to have in myself even without makeup.

Growing up as an individual with one eye used to make me think that I’m too different (weird) for any of the normal stuff people are into and if I try, they are just going to laugh at me. BUT THATS NOT TRUE.

So get out there and be your best self in any way that you want, and remember to speak life into yourself and those around you because that’s the kind of power you have over life.

God bless you all, have a wonderful Thursday.


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